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“I just don’t see how non-white characters would fit into my book. All the characters in my head are white.”

I see this excuse as a crisis of imagination. Particularly if you’re writing SF, often set in a future when anything can change. When everything can be different than it is now. We’ve already seen our first black president. We’ve seen women in ever more powerful roles. Gays and lesbians are coming out in nearly every corner of society, and universal marriage equality is becoming more and more imaginable.

You can’t imagine a black genetic engineer as your main character? An Hispanic lesbian piloting a starship? Then your imagination needs some revamping. You need to start thinking outside the box. Open up your corner of the world to more possibilities.

Karen Sandler discusses Five Wrong-Headed Reasons for Not Writing Diverse Characters in Science Fiction at Rich in Color

Always worth restating.

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i couldn’t give less of a flaming fuck if guys feel excluded by the magical girl genre. sorry that you feel alienated by something that is meant to encourage and uplift girls and celebrate femininity. why dont you go partake in the 50,000,000,000 works of fiction that cater directly to you 

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how long must we wait for a lesbian disney princess

or what about a prince who throughout the entire movie you think he’s going to be the love interest but in the end it turns out he’s gay

or how about a lesbian princess

Everytime someone asks for lesbian representation someone will try to turn it to something else, a gay guy or a girl with no love interests etc. Every fucking time. As soon as you say “lesbian” someone is already gearing up to derail the conversation and change the focus to something else. Why is this considered so much to ask, why every other person has something else to propose as an alternative?  

As for the people who say how about both a gay prince and a lesbian princess at the same time and other people think they’re together but they’re not and we find that at the end. How about no?

How about not making a story about a lesbian princess revolve around whether a guy wants her or not and whether others think they should be together? How about not revealing the lesbian princess’s sexuality at the end as a surprise? How about making the story about the lesbian character and what she wants and what she’s after and maybe the love interest she’s trying to win over and not take attention from her to give it to a male character and his perspective. Male characters have a bad habit of taking over female characters’ story arcs. It’s like writers can’t help themselves. How about a storyline for a lesbian character that doesn’t involve romantically a male character at all, not even as a beard or to show that she’s really a lesbian? Can’t we really imagine a story for a lesbian character that doesn’t include a guy in a protagonistic role challenging or reinforcing her sexuality and taking over her screen time? Does a lesbian character need a male character to prove her sexuality by not being attracted to him? How about a lesbian princess saying she looks for the girl of her dreams and we just believe her and the story is about her and her adventures?

How about a lesbian princess?

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(x) This is always relevant and I really just needed this here.


(x) This is always relevant and I really just needed this here.

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things tumblr needs:

  • an option to lock the source, so that no one can change it and steal text posts
  • an option to force someone to answer an ask privately when you send it
  • hide posts if you’ve already reblogged them
  • searching multiple tags


  • fix the friggin video player
  • notify when someone answers your ask
  • get babblr to work
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i don’t dress the way i do to please you


i don’t dress the way i do to please you

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oh god i’d heard about the “i won’t commission artists who undercharge for their art” post and now it’s making its rounds on my dash.

please understand that this concept does not actually help anyone. the sensible thing to do if an artist is undercharging is to tip them for what you think their work it worth, and be sure to let them know that. even if this doesn’t cause them to actually change their base prices, at least YOU’RE paying for what it’s worth, and THEY’RE getting business instead of nothing.

by essentially boycotting artists who are already unsure of the value of their own work (and are thus underpricing) you’re not sending any positive message. no one is going to up their commission prices when nobody is buying them. the only thing the artist gets out of it is that people don’t want to buy their art for some reason, and people who’s products aren’t selling aren’t going to say “oh i guess it was because i wasn’t charging enough, i’ll pump up the prices!”

if you want to support a commission artist, please do it by actually SUPPORTING THEM WITH COMMISSIONS rather than by choosing to take your business elsewhere because their prices were too low.


I was reading that post going around, and it bothered me a lot for some reason and THIS IS THE REASON! Like that’s a huge dick move, to just not support someone’s art if they’re undercharging. Isn’t that a better reason to offer more money? Frig.

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If we can’t write diversity into sci-fi, then what’s the point? You don’t create new worlds to give them all the same limits of the old ones.
Jane Espenson (from interview with Advocate.com)
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Quoting myself because it’s relevant to an argument going on on my dash…



Where is it that your piece is set that there just aren’t any POC there? I mean, I’m sure there are places like that. Wherever it is that white people fly to when they take white flight comes to mind. Maybe you’re writing a story set in a gated community in the suburbs of Portland (Ranked Whitest city in the US based on census data!) Maybe you’re writing a story with a very limited cast, like a family saga of a white family, or a Protagonists-vs.-nature survivalist story where there just aren’t very many people.

But even if that’s the case?

It is relevant to ask yourself why you chose to set it there.

Because this brings back the argument of ‘It wouldn’t be realistic to have POC there!’

I mean, it’s not TRUE that there were no POC in medieval Europe… But it’s a well-accepted cultural myth. And given that myth, the question still begs: Why are so many people so eager to choose to set their stories there? Why are people deliberately choosing places where the audience will accept ‘POC just don’t exist here’?

Why are the fairies in Ferngully white, when the movie is set in Australia?

Why is it that the only black people in Middle Earth are orcs?

Why are there Chinese words but no Chinese people in Firefly?

Why did Pixar make a movie set in (whitewashed) Medieval Scotland?

What’s the explanation for the overpowering whiteness of LA in Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Why are white Disney Princesses from ahistorical fantasy-worlds, but POC princesses have to be from quasi-historical locations? Pocahontas is from Virginia. Mulan is from China. Tiana is from New Orleans. Meanwhile Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Aurora are from unknown and untagged Kingdoms. Ariel lives in what appears to be a Caribbean reef, but all the humans and mermaids are white. Why do the POC princesses need scaffolding to explain why they’re there? Why are the POC Princesses -not actually Princesses- (unless they marry into it, in Tiana’s case)?

The answer to all of these is, of course, ‘creator choice’. Individual TOTALLY NOT RACIST (tm) people made individual choices.

But these choices aren’t made in a void.

So, yeah. If you don’t have POC characters in a piece with a sizable cast, it’s probably pretty racist. Even if you set it somewhere where GOSH, there just AREN’T any POC and that’s not your fault! They just aren’t there!

Because why are you setting it there?

Does the story REALLY demand that? I mean, some stories do; Downton Abbey is set in WWI Era England among a particular rich, landed family; the story is kind of about how awful that place and time was. The Secret of Roan Inish is set in a remote area of Ireland that hasn’t seen immigration since the vikings stopped showing up, which is relevant because some dude decides to fuck a sealfairy because she’s a slightly different shade of white and that’s kind of a crux of the story. Both of these are good and sense-making narratives where POC are thin on the ground.

They still don’t exist in a void.

The creators chose these stories about white people as the important ones to tell.

That’s worth looking at critically.

Like I said, they just need to come out and say it:

“I deal with you brown people all the fucking time in my real life. I don’t want to see you in my fantasies. My fantasies are white and white only. You are not enjoyable in my fantasies unless you are subservient, being the destroyed evil, or just plain NONEXISTENT”

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someone asked to have this reblogable



someone asked to have this reblogable


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Honestly when I’m in fantasy fandoms, I like the idea that sexuality just… isn’t a problem for most people. And I really reject the idea that this is “erasure” of real life struggles, or that it’s “unrealistic”. 

Look, there are 32843289 works of fiction out there about how being anything but cis and heterosexual sucks. That’s the world I get to live in all the time, too. I think there’s a place for it in fantasy fiction, but I also sometimes want to just be without it for a while. 

Maybe that’s “escapist” or whatever, but I don’t see how it’s any worse than other things people “escape” with fiction. So unless there’s a textual instance of It, I’m going to assume there’s not an issue with sexuality or lack thereof in the world. 

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9 frames out of the 26 Arin Hanson animated here do not make enough justice, but gosh dang, this guy has just gotten better and better in technique.

He does not only use extreme differences in each still but also makes completely different faces in between, and they actually fucking work.

I want to see more people animate like this.

this is why it’s pissing me off so much that people are acting like Pokeawesome 2 was some kind of huge disappointment.

Arin is an incredibly skilled animator and an extremely talented artist, and when average viewers look at web cartoons, they often don’t appreciate the time, effort, and sheer talent it takes to create something like this. All they care about is if “the joke was funny” or not. He did this for FREE, though. He did this because he wanted to, and because he COULD. Not because anyone on the internet was entitled to it. With a webtoon like this, the joke is entirely secondary to the animation. And the animation on this is stunning. It’s a work of art in and of itself.

The world needs more artists like Arin Hanson. And the world needs to appreciate the one we have in the meantime.

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Usagi is a great character. We watch her grow from a clumsy, lazy, self-centered teenager into a fearless goddess of justice who takes down the force of chaos itself. But the great thing is? She doesn’t stop being the girl we met back in chapter one. Sure, she’s indomitably powerful and her teardrops turn into the universe’s most potent energy source, but she also likes video games and donuts and napping and she gets crappy grades on tests because instead of studying, she was playing video games and eating donuts and napping. She whines about having to study for high school entrance exams, then stops a Texas-sized asteroid from slamming into Tokyo. Also, she was totally having sex with her star-crossed-reincarnated-prince of a boyfriend.

J.K. Rowling once made a really interesting point about the Narnia books (which I have not read): “There comes a point where Susan, who was the older girl, is lost to Narnia because she becomes interested in lipstick. She’s become irreligious basically because she found sex. I have a big problem with that.” Takeuchi avoided this in Sailor Moon with such deftness and grace that I’m only fully realizing it now, at 22. Usagi and Mamoru were totally boning—there are all kinds of dreamy, gauzy artbook pictures of them together in bed or discreetly covered in feathers, not to mention the penultimate scene of the manga, where they wake up in a (seriously awesome) bed together all naked and cuddly. Moreover, check out the illustrations of Usagi in lingerie and just straight up topless that Takeuchi busted out for her self-published artbook. Usagi is pure-hearted, but she isn’t “pure” in the archaic sense. She’s sexual. And I love that she can be both. She’s the amaranthine avatar of goodness and love and serenity in the universe—she is every cherished ideal we hold of what it means to be a “magical girl.”  She stands for truth and freedom and hope. She wears floaty pastel clothes and enormous pigtails and her weapons are covered in hearts and stylized angel wings. She’s often drawn with angel wings herself! And she has sex. It doesn’t make her dirty, or suddenly inappropriate as entertainment for young girls. She doesn’t lose her power or her magic. She is a multifaceted young woman who loves sweets and comics and vanquishes the forces of evil and also has sex.

And the thing is, this kind of attitude in entertainment helps everyone. It’s not just very sexually active girls who need characters like Usagi, or even just girls in general. I was a prudish kid who didn’t have her first kiss until the age of 18 and this particular aspect of the manga has always stuck with me and informed my attitudes about sex. Whoever you are, however you handle your sexuality—it never makes you dirty. You can be queen of the mahou shoujo and have sex and wake up the next day to slaughter the wicked hordes with your bunny-bedecked Magic Rainbow Sparkle Sword. You can do both. You can be both. One does not invalidate the other.

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deviantArtist shoomlah created a redesign of Pocahontas for her gorgeous “Historical Disney Princesses” series, in which she took cues from the films as to their probable time periods, researched the dress of those periods, and redrew the Princesses in clothing with a higher (though still stylized) degree of accuracy.

She received honest critique on some elements of her Pocahontas design, from people more familiar with actual 17th century Powhatan dress and history, some of whose ancestry was rooted in that history. And, to her very great credit, she took that critique graciously to heart and chose to create an even lovelier and more historically accurate version of her design which incorporated what she had learned. She also specifically cited her own concerns over misrepresenting a real person, as opposed to a fairy tale character, as part of her explanation for the change.

No hard feelings, no anger or insecurity. Just sensible integrity, an open heart, and a willingness to expand her own horizons.

This is how you do it, guys. ♥

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Anita Sarkeesian faces backlash for disabling Youtube comments.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, people are taking to the Internet to complain about Anita Sarkeesian. The first installment of her long-awaited video series about sexism in video games was released yesterday, inspiring an inevitable torrent of backlash. Aside from suggestions that she “stole” the Kickstarter funding for the Women vs. Tropes in Video Games series, much of the criticism is because she disabled comments on the YouTube video.


Leading the charge against Sarkeesian’s decision is Tumblr user amazingatheist, who posted a ten-minute video entitled “Who’s The Damsel Now?“ Arguing that Sarkeesian’s “censorship” of YouTube comments counteracts her message about strong women, and that her TED talk about online harassment amounts to “whining,” amazingatheist says:

“What are you afraid of, Anita? Why can’t people have a discourse about your material? Why can’t people make their opinions towards your content known? I understand that some comments will be abusive in nature — probably most will — but so what?”

Ironically, the existence of this response means by definition that amazingatheist is making his opinion known, as well as participating in a discourse about Sarkeesian’s material. [READ MORE]

The amazingatheist destroyed his own chance at participating in these discussions by being a misogynistic MRA. Just in case, that link needs a trigger/content warning so TW: rape, misogyny, abusive language.

The woman got bombarded with rape and death threats when she talked about the idea of doing this series. And people are up in arms about her not wanting to deal with that during her actual work??

So aside from the misogyny aspect here (and that isn’t to downplay it at all, because holy fucking shit you ASSHOLES,) I would like to point out something that appears to be lost on 95% of the denizens of The Intertubes:

No one is required to let you air your opinion in their space.

This includes the comments section of anything they upload to YouTube.

Seriously, the number of people who think that they are somehow owed the right to comment on things boggles me. You want to bitch about someone’s videos, comment on news articles, disagree with someone’s Facebook post? Go do it in your space. No one owes you shit.

And in particular, no one you are abusive and violent toward owes you shit.


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