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Annnnd I’m done.

This literally got me tearing up, all the feelings of my childhood are coming back T.T

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Durin Mama Dis reassures her babby Kili that he will eventually grow a truly magnificent beard.
(Scroll below for There and Back Again spoiler under cut)

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Durin Mama Dis reassures her babby Kili that he will eventually grow a truly magnificent beard.

(Scroll below for There and Back Again spoiler under cut)

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my boys..

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For therealsongbirddiamondback, I wasn’t sure which one to do so I gave you both ;v;

I hope you like it <33

and then everyone burst into tears

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Guyguys can someone tell me Pitch’s background in guardians of childhood? Im dying to know ;__; I wanna read the books but I spent all of my money on black friday. So that’s not going to happen orz

Pitch had once been a hero of the Golden Age, an ancient time when…


Here’s the copy of the post »> ( http://cr8vecrmsda.tumblr.com/ 

Pitch had once been a hero of the Golden Age, an ancient time when Constellations ruled the universe. His name in those days long ago was General Kozmotis Pitchiner, and he had led the Golden Age Armies in capturing the Fearlings and Dream Pirates who plagued that era. These villains were wily creatures of darkness. He had the duty then to keep them confined in the prisons never to be set free into the world keeping the Guardians and everyone else safe. But as years passed he wavered. He just wanted to see his daughter, he carried a locket with a picture of her on his being at all times and glanced at it all the time when feeling pushed to his limits. Then, one day, the Fearlings played a trick on him after slowly draining him of the stoic man he once was. They mimicked his daughter asking for her father to help her escape the darkness, that she was scared, that he should open the door. Pitchner went into a trance and opened the door for them knowing his daughter wasn’t there. When they escaped, they devoured the general’s soul becoming a part of him, and from that moment on he hungered for the dreams of innocent children and was known simply as “Pitch.” He was determined to drain the good from dreams until they became nightmares—every last one of them—so that the children of Earth and then other worlds would live in terror.

The thing is, the Fearlings literally becoming a part of him made him go insane and forget everything about who he was before. He doesn’t recall his daughter, or the prison, or literally keeping everyone safe. All he knows is fear, and seeing that he has lived for centuries we asume she is dead now and he wouldn’t even care because he doesn’t remember her. BUT, she is in fact alive and is actually Mother Nature now and he doesn’t even know, and even if he did find out we’re not even sure if he could bring himself back enough to care. It’s just sad that he may never see his daughter again who he cared for most of all.


Written by cr8vecrmsda and all of thank you to this wonderful person

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1000 years ago there was a terrible war, and everyone was dying.

Marceline, a young half-demon, was left alone on earth.

Simon Petrikov, an antiquarian, was battling the evil of a cursed crown that had saved his life at a terrible cost. Simon met Marceline in the…

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Hidden Histories of the United States

I see what you did there, Gravity Falls.


Hidden Histories of the United States

I see what you did there, Gravity Falls.

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Lok Theories after Episode Nine


So, we saw the first images from the finale today! You can find the trailer here.

Theories about “Turning the Tides”, “Skeletons in the Closet”, “Endgame”, bloodbending, Amon, and the Avatar Spirit itself under the cut.

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Good theory! Yes!

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i dont ship makorra for the same reasons i never shipped kataang (i do accept both however).

I feel no romantic chemistry between the characters. at all.

This pairing has had no friction, save for asami, who is only going to be there to cause drama, and later tell mako, ‘go…

You know what? Korra should just hang with Lin and Tenzin. That’s it. NEW TEAM AVATAR RIGHT THERE. Because Tenzin cares so much about her, it’s the best father-figure relationship ever. Seriously. I love it. I’d skip everything just to see Tenzin supporting Korra in whatever she needs to do, or giving her amazing advice, and airbending. Needs MORE airbending.

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Is it weird… the one thing I was confused about…

was that Tahno wasn’t in the new episode?

I’ve been trying to stay off tumblr quite a bit, to keep myself from getting spoiled and such for the new Korra eps. But I did glance at a gif… which by now is probably fake… but it looked convincing. I thought Tahno was supposed to help Korra? I mean, I thought I was spoiled FO SHO… and THEN THE EPISODE HAPPENS… and I’m waiting, and waiting, and I’m like ‘wait.. where’s Tahno?’ and it never happens.

I’m so confused now.


(I hope I didn’t give away many spoils in this)

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I love that he’s still bragging about that XD

FRIG! I NEED OLDER SOKKA EVERYWHERE NOW. BRB AS I GO DIE FOR A WHILE, KAY? (and by that, I mean draw/reblog all the things).

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I hate what they’re doing to Bolin.

Bolin would care just as much as Mako, would be just as worried, he wouldn’t hang around throwing jokes. I’m really just angry for Bolin, because…


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Lin Beifong: the life and times of a badass

The metalbending in this episode was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! HANDS DOWN! FOREVER. Lin needs to do bending in ever episode ever. I love Lin. She’s amazing. Frig. Seriously.

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#so let’s talk about this #this is loki’s big opening number #this is how he introduces himself to the new realm of earth #his opening volley #his brash declaration of war #’i am loki of asgard’ #except you’re totally not loki #and you’re the only one in the room that knows it #so what are you trying to prove loki? #who are you trying to convince? #why claim your home here and now when no one is around to notice? #because no matter how much loki hates his family #no matter how much he hates his realm #no matter how much he hates the æsir #he hates not being one more #he hates being jötunn more #therein is loki’s most childish and saddest fault #he tried so desperately to remain an æsir #he killed his own father in a hopeless futile scheme to make it not so #he razed jötunheimr to try and scour their stain from his body #being a jötunn was so foul to his mind that murder and genocide became viable courses of action #he clings desperately to his æsir identity before turning around and denying thor as his brother with his next breath #so long as no is around to see it he cleaves to his title of loki of asgard #but never to his brother’s face #because then thor wins #again #thor is right again #and loki would rather be alone than be wrong again

Okay, we have to add on to this. Because is the thing about Loki in the Avengers that really gets us. See, he’s incredibly intelligent. He’s a trickster; he has to be. He had to know, right from the start, what the probably outcomes of this whole thing were. He had to. Maybe he tried not to, maybe he lied to himself, but somewhere deep down, he had to have known. But he went ahead and did all this anyway, so why?

‘Because I am the monster who parents tell their children about at night,’ he said. He was one of those children. He truly believes he’s a monster; he will look back on his life, on his childhood, and twist every memory, every action and outcome, in order to prove this to himself, because that’s what the brain does sometimes when we’re afraid and hurting. Loki hates himself; in his mind he is a monster, ruining all he touches, unworthy of his brother’s love. Not capable of being ‘fixed.’

Loki spends the entire film pissing off as many powerful people as he can, especially Thor. He probably knew that dropping Thor wouldn’t kill him, and that knife he stabbed him with? Too short to do any real damage. He knew Thor would survive. So why do it? Because he wants Thor to hate him. Because it’s easier. Because Thor caring for him hurts too much, even though he wants it too.

Because we don’t think Loki was counting on surviving this whole escapade and because Loki figures that as long as he’s going to die anyway it might as well be at the hands of the brother he loves so much, in spite of everything.

Because then Thor could be the martyr, the king who sacrificed everything, even killed his own beloved brother, in order to protect his people. And Loki would be free.

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Agent Coulson meeting his younger self 


Best thing ever.

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