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I need some tips or critiques on pushing expressions, poses and depth. Anyone got some advice?

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I want to start a thing where people can trade art supplies that they bought and didn’t like as much as they thought they would.

I’ve always been bad for buying something and being really excited about it, only to find out it wasn’t the thing I wanted it to be. While it might not work for what I want, it might be super awesome for someone else.

What’re your thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea?

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I’m not allowed on jetpens.com because I get so stupidly excited about all those amazing pens that I can’t buy because shipping to Canada…

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What should I try and improve on with my art?

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I’ve been feeling really down on my art lately. I’m not liking a lot of things I pull out, and I’m so slow at doing my comics, I don’t know if I can keep doing two a week. I’m just in such a crummy mood. I might have to stop updating Skargarden for now, but I really don’t want to… but I know I can’t keep up.

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I really want to draw something fun and new. Someone should art trade with me.

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How do I keep up with updating two comics a and 20+ hours of part time job a week?

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I did it.

I sucked it up and called a job place about getting a second interview and I did it! I got one. Frig phones make me so nervous. I’m not the only one who has a hard time phoning strangers, right? But once I’m face to face I’m totally fine. It’s just over the phone… it messes with me.

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I was tagged… Twice.

Always post the rules.
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from Didney

What are your plans for 2014?
-Comics, comics, and more comics. I want to debut my comic Skargarden on Feb.4th, then take the first chapter to TCAF and see if I can get anyone to look at it! As well as work on DeadCity

Who is your most favorite character (movie/book/TV show/etc.) and why?
-This is a very unfair question. Wiccan from Young Avengers. Young Avengers was the first comic I really got in to. He was also the first canon gay character I read about with a positive relationship. I also met the artist and he signed my book and I almost cried. Then, I think Hiccup from HttyD. I relate to him a lot and his situation with his dad. Also Merida from Brave. I relate to her as well, and how her and her mum’s relationship was. And then maybe Sailor Uranus too. I used to really love Jupiter, but as I got older I realised I didn’t relate to her like I wanted to. She wasn’t the tomboy I wanted. And then I found Sailor Uranus and I love her. She’s also dating a Michelle (Michiru) and I’m dating a Michelle……..

I’ve also cosplayed all but Uranus… so far…

Name a song that describes you most.
-Our Farewell by Within Temptations.

Do you think Tumblr has become better or worse over the year? Why?
-I suppose it depends on who you follow? I actually only follow 93 people right now and I really don’t see a lot of bad things that happen on tumblr. Usually if someone continues to post about things I don’t really agree with, then I’ll unfollow them.

If you could be in any video game of your choice, which would it be?
What would be the first thing you did?
-Skyrim…. but I’d die so fast. So I’ll pick the easy one and say Pokemon. I’d catch a Magikarp so fast.

If you were to deal with Justin Bieber’s (eventual) punishment, what would you do OR have him do?
-I don’t really care enough about his life to bother. But, I suppose actually serve his proper jail time.

If you were to direct a Disney movie, what would it be about?
The White Cat, retold by Madame d’Aulnoy. I’ve always loved this story and have always thought about doing something with it. I’d make sure it wouldn’t get too tossed around with Disney though. That or the Odyssey by Homer.

If you and I were able to hang out with each other for a whole month, what would you like to do?
-Where would we hang out? In the US? Or here in Canadia? We’d go to TimHortons, and play hockey, and eat maple syrup.

Which site would you rather nuke - deviantART or FurAffinity?
-Neither? I dunno, I’ve never been on FA, and DA is alright for some things… I use the stash feature more than the site itself. I’m indifferent really…. like…. with most of these questions.whoops.

What would your My Little Pony name be?
-My friends did up a bunch of ponies in ‘11 on a dollmaker without me knowing, and mine was like JupiterSwallowTail.

Write either a short poem or a haiku.
-Comics all day long,
Gotta get these comics done,
I hope people read.

If your bedroom door closed without warning all by itself and you swear to Bill Murray that you heard something cough/wheeze/sneeze behind you when there’s nothing but a wall, who would you call first? Ghostbusters or a priest?
-I’d get my ass outta there so fast!

from daijouboob

1. Have you ever dyed your hair?
-Nope! All natural~

2. Favorite anime gogogo
-FRIG! uhhhhhhhh….

3. 2D, 3D/CGI, or stop-motion?
-2D, but not to say the others aren’t super awesome either! It’s just my preference.

4. Top OTP
-Damnit. Uranus/Neptune.

5. How late do you usually stay up?
-I try to go to bed between midnight and 1:30am

6. Have you ever cosplayed?
-Yesssss I have! I wish I had more pictures on tumblr…

7. Dream job?
-To work on my own comics for a living.

8. Favorite cartoon as a kid?
-Ed, Edd, and Eddy. SailorMoon. Pokemon. I think.

9. What non-Tumblr endeavor do your put your free time into?
-Comics.Comics.And seeing my girl~

10. Favorite movie from the past year?
-The Hobbit, also ‘cause I can’t remember all the movies I saw.

11. Most annoying trope in films/books/television?
-Damsel in Distress/Helpless women

My Questions (I’m only doing 11)
1. What’s your favourite creative thing to do/work on?
2. Favourite Pokemon?
3. How many blogs do you have?
4. Fandom you’ve been most prominent and involved in?
5. Really good headcanons that you want so hard to be canon?
6. Favourite game right now?
7. How do you work out creative ideas?
8. Old OCs and fanart you’re embarrassed about? Do tell.
9. What helps you be productive?
10. Do you give critiques? If so I wanna know.
11. Read my comics?

Tagging: (only 11. Also I don’t think I should tag the people who tagged me?)

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Frig. Today was so good, and then it was completely ruined. I’ve been super bummed out for hours now after personal family issues. I need to cheer up. Who’s online? I need to do something other than wallow. I need a pick me up.

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I had this dream last night where my mum was alive. It was like she just went on a really long trip… For ten years. She came to the house and started catching up on everything  she missed. She wasn’t happy about my brother’s life choices and he didn’t stay to chat either. I started making a sandwich and then my dad came home (he knew my mum was there) and offered to take us to Swiss Chalet. But I had already made a sandwich. So I told him I’d stay home ‘cause I wanted to clean my room before my mum saw it for the first time, since apparently I didn’t know she was coming. My alarm went off to wake up and I started crying.

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So I have a potential debut date in mind for a big comic that @Octokracken and I are working on, Skargarden. Feb.4th I might put the first five pages up.

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So I got an email from ElderScrolls… I can play the Beta. Ohfrig. Good bye free time.

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So no one wants free doodles in Holiday Cards?

I got twooooo people, that’s it! I’ve got like 10 cards left!

I will draw you something in a card and mail you said card!

Fo free yo!

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I have a buncha Christmas cards left!

And I’d like to send some people some cards! Let me know if you want one, inbox me. You’ll need to give me your address though.

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