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I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

This is perfect.




I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

This is perfect.

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Hercules is THE DEFINITION of a gentleman. Her dress strap slips down and HE PUTS IT BACK UP because he’s like “No, she’s a lady, she deserves my respect. Control yourself. Leave, just leave.”

Imagine if all guys/girls had that much respect for people they were attracted to…the world would be a lot better and safer, I can tell you that.

Also have to remember he’s never had a girl actually hit on him before.


if zeus took the wheel this would have ended much differently


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default album art
Song: Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)
Artist: Mumford and Sons
Played: 239,691 times.



Mumford and Sons—Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)


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My sister and I have a headcanon that Jane is Belle and the Beast’s grandaughter.

and I think this further proves our point…


Which would explain why she understand Tarzan, he sort of reminds me of Beast in attitude…. he is sort of a Beast… hmmm. I like your headcanon. 

I agree. Professor Porter said that she got her wild stories from her mother. Belle had wild stories, which turned out to be true, just like Jane’s story about Tarzan was true.

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I think doing voice work for animation is probably acting in its purest, most ancient form. It’s a bit like the [ancient] Greek form of acting, where they had masks on. In our case, the mask is the animator’s drawings.

— James Earl Jones (The Making of “The Lion King”, 1994)

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Thoughts on ‘Frozen’


I decided to ignore anything pertaining to the film ‘Frozen’ a long time ago - the misrepresentation of the Saami in it, or rather the combination of misinformation and problematic myth-making in it did not appeal to me at all, I had already explained why I disapproved of the bastardisation of our traditional clothes at length and with far more pressing issues at hand, such as the revival of my maternal language or the fight against fierce colonialism on our ancestral lands, I neither felt compelled to nor had the time to waste more time on a Disney film which contributes virtually nothing to the cultural wealth and knowledge of my people.

But then someone submitted a post to the blog “Unpopular Opinions” here on Tumblr, and ever since, my inbox has been filled with angry, anonymous messages about how I have no right to be dismissive of the film as this unnamed person presented themselves as Saami and claimed that the film was loved by most Saami, and any critique of it was hurting the Saami.

I heavily disagree, critical discussions about representations are always needed, especially when we’re talking about members of indigenous peoples and other minorities and everything I have said about the film with regards to its false claims to Saami-ness stands, but to perhaps stop my inbox from being filled with more trite from people I don’t know, I’ll spend the rest of this post talking about ‘Frozen’ one single, last time, rather than rolling my eyes at inane messages on a daily basis.

I do not pretend to be speaking for anyone but myself, nor do I hide my identity behind a veil of anonymity. I am for better and worse fairly well-known within my own community, so I’ll say this for the last time, when I state that I find the film problematic because of how it deals with the Saami, I am expressing my own opinions.

I do not speak for the entirety of my people, nor do I actually see a problem with some Saami liking the film or disliking it as I do. 

But as for the film.

In short there are three main things that particularly bug me; the first concerns the opening song, the second deals with the way our traditional clothes have been re-imagined by Disney and the last beef I have with Disney has to do with the director’s claim that Kristoff is Saami without showing any non-fictional proof whatsoever of this throughout the entire film.

But let’s start with the opening song, seeing as comments made by the President of the Norwegian Saami Parliament with regards to it has been interpreted as her loving the film. 

In her New Year’s Speech, the president stated that ‘

‘the yoik “Eatnamen Vuelie” and Fjellheim’s musical talent is now making a whole world listen - to yoik. We are seeing the same in other cultural expressions: the Saami culture is expanding to ever new audiences’

It may come as a surprise, but I do agree with Aili Keskitalo as far as her statement goes - it is a great thing that we’re seeing our culture gaining new grounds - but only insofar as it’s being read in connection with the following paragraphs of her speech which have conveniently been left out of the quote by the majority of people on Tumblr. 

In her speech, Aili Keskitalo goes on to say that “but often we experience that stories about us are being told by others than ourselves”. In other words, while not criticising the film per se, she’s not endorsing it either as some people have been claiming - she’s merely applauding the fact that Saami music is getting world-wide attention, followed by a paragraph where she high-lights the problematic aspects of having outsiders tell our stories without our involvement in them.

Now, ‘Vuelie’, has indeed been written by a South Saami composer, this is something I personally like, especially as I as a yoiker admire Frode Fjellheim’s work as far as the revitalisation of South Saami yoiking goes, but the choir performing it is not Saami, and as such I do not see Vuelie as an inclusion of a Saami voice in the film, but rather as a way to include something which is evocative and exotic, in the same way as the opening song of Pocahontas.

My opinions with regards to Vuelie would have been completely different, had Disney employed e.g. the Saami youth choir Vaajmoe to record the song, but seeing as they chose to employ a non-Saami choir, despite having asked Frode Fjellheim to rewrite his tune Eatnemen Vuelie to better suit the magical atmosphere of the film, my opinions remain unaltered.

Furthermore, in an interview which has been circulated widely on Tumblr in the last couple of weeks the composer Frode Fjellheim clearly states that the tune itself is only inspired by yoiking, calling it ‘en jojke-inspirert ting’, i.e. a tune inspired by yoiking, rather than being an actual yoik per se. This is hardly surprising, as the tune was originally written as a choral piece, but as it is called Vuelie, which is the South Saami word for a yoik, people have automatically coded it as a yoik, despite what Frode is actually calling it.

I maintain that a tokenist use of a cultural practice that was punishable by death until the late 18th century does not in fact count as inclusion, no matter how many times people tell me to be happy about the tune, and as much as I’m indeed happy for Frode to be earning a shit-load of money from his song, I do find the way in which it has been recorded to be deeply problematic nonetheless.

I mean, if they wanted something exotic without employing a Saami choir, they could have just gone full-on with the use of Scandinavian herding calls, which can be heard more or less whenever when some magic shit is going down in the film.


Over to the clothes; I have already explained why and how the clothes have been inspired by our traditional clothes in another post which can be found here, so I won’t spend too much time examining every part of Kristoff’s clothes, but I will mention a couple of things, the first thing being his shoes.


Kristoff is seen wearing a type of reindeer hide boots called goelke-gaamegh, or novhtegh in South Saami, but despite the fact that the shape is authentic, the lack of either shoelaces or woven shoebands and shoelaces mean that they would be highly impractical as snow would get into the shoes as they’re worn without a way to keep them tied closely to the leg.

Sure, shoes and odd clothes are hardly things that warrant any longer discussions, but the way in which all of Kristoff’s clothes seem to be almost Saami and then they’re not, well it really does not sit well with me at all. 

I was brought up in an area of Saepmie where donning a gapta (traditional dress) was seen as something bad by the majority, something which warranted fierce discrimination, and to this day there are a gazillion unspoken rules, generational traumas and basic tiny details surrounding the wearing of our traditional dresses that I find it annoying to see the dress being bastardised in the way it’s been by Disney. As much as I don’t think of Kristoff as a Saami, I’d much preferred that they had at least made his clothes authentic, or not bothered with the so-called Saami influence at all.


Because what we now get to deal with are cosplayers who do not understand the deep, cultural codes behind our traditional clothes donning a fake version of our clothes and being applauded for it, while Saami children especially in my part of Saepmie struggle with the very idea of daring to put on a gapta in public because it’ll earn them snide, racists comments from the majority for daring to be publicly Saami.

To mention just one story of what wearing a gapta can result in, here’s one example. Last week I was talking to a friend of mine who uses his gapta regularly, and he told me how he’d worn it at a council meeting a couple of years ago when a right-wing politician had walked up to him, casually telling him that they were discussing plans on putting up new signs in a village close to Liksjoe, only they weren’t sure if the hanged Saami they wanted to put on it should be North or South Saami and seeing as my friend was being Saami in public, maybe he could wage in.

But let’s all cosplay Kristoff, why don’t we.

Finally, I would like to address the extensive myth-making in the film. On one hand Disney has done a great job at creating something fairly vapid, light-hearted and full of singable musical numbers, with an annoying yet somehow endearing talking snowman, but on the other hand they’ve made the Saami seem even more exotic and fairy-tale like by making Kristoff an orphan raised by trolls.

I mean, nice touch on writing ‘trolls’ in runes on the map at the beginning of the film, but the fact that the only supposed Saami in the entire movie is orphaned, thus stripped of a community which is essential to a Saami identity as our indigeneity is primarily communal rather than individual, and then have him being raised by fucking trolls just contributes to the idea that we’re either mythical creatures or not even real in the first place.


But it’s a film aimed at children, the trolls were so cute.

Or something.

I actually enjoyed the song Let it Go, I liked that Kristoff was asking for consent before kissing Anna, I particularly liked the true-love twist at the end - but felt it would have been much better if the entire romantic subplot between Kristoff and Anna had been scrapped entirely, but there were so many parts of the film that I disliked that I couldn’t fully enjoy it and just sit back and “relax because it’s a children’s movie”.

The misrepresentation and myth-making surrounding Kristoff, i.e. the so-called Saami boy continues throughout the entire film and regardless of how minor it seems, it does feed into an ongoing discourse about us in Saepmie where we’re either seen as exotic or considered to be worth less than dirt depending on where you enter it. The fact that Kristoff is somehow Saami because he has a reindeer is another thing which grinds me the wrong way as this type of misinformation is already running wild over here and has been doing so for decades, i.e. that real Saami have reindeer, and it is making life complicated for actual reindeer and non-reindeer herding Saami alike in Saepmie.

Finally, for a company which claims to have done extensive research on the Saami, they’re clearly not knowing enough about us or even reindeer to know that 

  • Sven has the antlers of a female reindeer.

  • A full-grown man would not be able to ride a reindeer bull. Like ever. The belief that Saami used to ride their reindeer goes all the way back to 1540, when Olaus Magni, who had never actually seen a real-life Saami, claimed that we used reindeer as horses and published this picture in one of his books:


    In other words, Disney is contributing to keeping yet another prejudice about my people alive and kicking.

  • Reindeer are wild animals, and even vuejeme-råantjoeh, i.e. bulls used to lead a herd of reindeer during reindeer migrations wouldn’t ever behave like a dog.

  • Kristoff’s sleigh is distinctly Norwegian, and it’s way too heavy to be pulled by a reindeer.

    If Kristoff actually was Saami, his sleigh would probably look a lot more like this, and he’d have been using skis instead of walking.



In conclusion.

Ad finitem.

Is Frozen the worst thing that has ever happened to us as a people? Well no, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t problematic anyway. 

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Sarah (hip_dance_princess@yahoo.com) submitted:

Your thoughts?

Full disclaimer: I have not yet seen the movie so I cannot personally vouch for how accurate this is. But from the collections of reviews and common complaints I’ve seen about it, this seems very, very accurate, and also pinpoints the details as to why Tangled did so much better storytelling-wise.

bee doo bee doo disney forgot how to write and execute a simple story

I love this. Especially because of how they point out at the end that it’s IMPORTANT that we spend the time to be critical about this movie. Disney is such a huge influence on children these days, that you simply just can’t excuse their movies with “Oh but it’s a kids movie” as if that makes it okay to give kids bad, simple movies with simple dialogue etc as if they don’t understand it.
I don’t want to be all ‘oh but back in the old days we had good movies!’ but honestly, back in the old days we did have good kid movies. Just go back 15 years with the land before time and the first disney movies - kids were NOT belittled and the symbolism and story wasn’t spoon fed to them. What was amazing about those movies, was that kids could see them and enjoy them, but so could adults as well, and when those kids grew up - they could still watch the same movies. Never in my life would I ever make my children watch Frozen as a way to give my kids, specifically not girls, morals or ethics or make them grow as people or women, because this movie doesn’t provide any of that. It’s a film that I think a lot of people are making excuses for such as “oh but it’s just for entertainment” or “just for kids” or “well disney can’t be good all the time”, and all those excuses are down right horrible. When did we come to that point where we actually have to defend Disney movies and the content they release by saying “oh but they can’t be good all the time”. Seriously. It’s not okay and those excuses are lame. 

////FLIP FLOPS THIS POST ONTO HERE because you guys wanted to know why i dont like frozen and this literally takes care of every reason i dont

this will be the only post on this blog about this subject i promise

but for those interested in knowing why i dont like it, here it is

I know I’ve been reblogging quite a bit of Frozen criticism, and while I haven’t actually seen the movie… I just really like reading up on critiques like this. I write down notes about it, kind of like a ‘what to look out for when making my own stories’ and this video is really awesome for that. So even if you don’t care about the criticism for Frozen, it’s always good to listen to good criticism for your own benefit.

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Kent Melton

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So more about poc representation.


I want to talk about The Princess and the Frog, Mulan, and Pocahontas in comparison to the rest of the Disney princesses and the over arching messages these stories present when juxtaposed against each other.

Let us begin with the most recent of the Disney women of color, Princess Tiana. For those not familiar she is a young, poor,  black woman in New Orleans who dreams of owning her own restaurant. In the beginning of the movie she is working several jobs to save up for said restaurant. As the movie continues she meets a lazy spoiled (brown) prince and teaches him the value of hard work and how nothing is just going to fall into your lap with out you working for it.

Hmm. Okay.

Thats funny, isn’t that what Disney films have been teaching little white girls for generations? That nothing, no matter how desolate your beginnings are, is really out of reach because eventually fate will rectify your life without you even trying? Even if you fuck it up with your own selfishness (I’m talking to you Ariel). Everything will turn out just fine. Now some might say, Oh that was old Disney, what about Merida and Rapunzel? They’re active Disney Princesses. They fight for what they want. And while that may ring true when comparing them to older white Disney princesses, when you look at their brown counterpart’s storylines that bell losses a couple octaves.

Rapunzel, kidnapped in infancy and forced to live in isolation for eighteen years, uses Flynn as a ticket out of her prison and away from her mother. They escape together only to have Rapunzel’s mother (and kidnapper) find them and try to kill Flynn in order to regain control over Rapunzel. In the end Flynn sacrifices himself for her freedom and the witch dies and bla bla bla bla white male saviour. I mean the story on its own oozes misogyny. Flynn needs Rapunzel to find morals and civility and Rapunzel literally needs him to free her of her tower of repression…..eww. But I digress. In the end, every problem starts and ends with Rapunzel but everythings okay because Flynn fixes it.

Merida, Merida is the only real variation in the White Disney plot scheme. While merida is the cause of all of her problems, she is the only one who solves them. That being said, the main problem in her story is one that she causes- turning her family into bears. Her arranged marriage and original problems are kinda overshadowed by the bear thing.

Now lets look back at Tiana, Mulan and Pocahontas. they are the cause of exactly 0% of the problems in their stories. Tiana doesn’t make herself poor, Mulan didn’t start the war, Pocahontas didn’t invite those white men over for tea and crumpets. Yet they have to fight tooth and nail all throughout their movies for a happy ending. Of course, the poc princesses, even in fabricated magical stories, have to overcome adversity.

The problems they face are real problems women of color have to face: poverty, mans wars and violence, white people in fucking general. And that is why our stories don’t take place In a land far away- our stories are real places and real events because we don’t have to make up a single word to find heroism in our women. Our stories happen now, every day.

We do not get to wait for prince charming. We do not have that luxury. We do not get mythical situations. We get facts. We get warnings. We get preparation.

You know why theres only three? Because Disney is little brown girl’s first terrible, heartbreaking taste of reality.

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Frozen Inuit princesses redesigns. <3I think it would have been really awesome if they did something like this instead. Either way, it was really fun to gather reference and draw some snowy cuties.

I woulda watched this version so hard!


Frozen Inuit princesses redesigns. <3
I think it would have been really awesome if they did something like this instead. Either way, it was really fun to gather reference and draw some snowy cuties.

I woulda watched this version so hard!

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Coming in 2018 is Disney’s next fairy tale mythology animated feature film, set amongst the South Pacific islands, rendered in a ‘painterly-style CGI’ (think the Paperman short): and y’all are going to LOVE IT:

The main character will be Moana Waialiki, a sea voyaging enthusiast, and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her family needs her help, she sets off on an epic journey. The film will also include demi-gods and spirits taken from real mythology.


This is also currently being directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the duo who directed The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules and The Princess an the Frog! So there’s that

yes yes yes
please don’t turn her into an animal for 90% of the film





Coming in 2018 is Disney’s next fairy tale mythology animated feature film, set amongst the South Pacific islands, rendered in a ‘painterly-style CGI’ (think the Paperman short): and y’all are going to LOVE IT:

The main character will be Moana Waialiki, a sea voyaging enthusiast, and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her family needs her help, she sets off on an epic journey. The film will also include demi-gods and spirits taken from real mythology.


This is also currently being directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the duo who directed The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules and The Princess an the Frog! So there’s that

yes yes yes


please don’t turn her into an animal for 90% of the film

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what did you think about frozen after watching it?






okay i kinda went into this before and this is probably the last time im gonna talk seriously about frozen on this blog (just tired of it by now really)

first and foremost, the thing people keep skirting around to squabble over animation errors and other pointless junk: FROZEN IS RACIST. racist as SHIT and if you disagree then you’re probably a willfully ignorant raging disney fan and also undeniably racist. sorry hard facts to face but it’s more than likely true. 

  • they used Sami people as an “inspiration” without paying any respect to Sami culture. they ABSOLUTELY appropriated an indigenous culture, and what’s worse, they tore it apart, discarded most of it and whitewashed it to the point that HARDLY ANYONE CAN TELL SAMI CULTURE WAS EVER EVEN INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS. WOW WHITE PEOPLE ARE SO GOOD AT THAT. BUT IT DOESNT MATTER CAUSE IT WAS PRETTY RIGHT??? THEY WORKED SO HAAAARD WHO CARES IF THEY’RE RACIST.
  • that chilling, moving chanting in the beginning of the movie that so many people love? that’s a Sami yoik, a traditional Sami song. 
  • how about that goofy reindeer? reindeer husbandry is a HUGE aspect of Sami culture (and many indigenous cultures since ancient times- reindeer are thought to be the first domesticated animal) like i know you see it as just an animal BUT IT’S NOT JUST AN ANIMAL TO SAMI PEOPLE. if you even casually research Sami culture you would know this, and obviously Disney researched this enough to know about yoik songs and reindeer herding. 
  • SAMI PEOPLE WERE FORCED TO ASSIMILATE and colonized by white people (sound familiar), and one of the main reasons their culture and language survived was because of areas they continued to herd reindeer. 
  • "Today, in Norway and Sweden, reindeer husbandry is legally protected as an exclusive Sami livelihood, such that only persons of Sami descent with a linkage to a reindeer herding family can own, and hence make a living off, reindeer." REINDEER ARE SO FUCKING IMPORTANT TO THEIR CULTURE IT’S A LEGALLY PROTECTED RIGHT NOW. kind of gross to use a reindeer in such a slapstick manner, especially when Sami culture has pretty much been drained out of the movie, isn’t it? not to mention all the obvious errors in research, as in, reindeer have no problems on ice, you can’t ride a reindeer like a horse, etc etc…. but that’s besides the point.
  • SAMI WERE PREDOMINANTLY POC. it’s kind of like american indians these days- yes, some of us are still brown, but MANY of us are white-passing. THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU’RE COLONIZED, TURNED INTO SEXUAL SLAVES AND FORCED TO ASSIMILATE. people like to pull up pictures of modern Sami and scoff at this debate like they even know what they’re talking about- no, you shitwads. you sad, sad little fucks. fantasy, fiction, magical, whatever- if it’s set in a historical timeframe, it should pay respect to historical facts.
  • KRISTOFF SHOULD HAVE BEEN A MOC. it’s not surprising he was whitewashed- if they had modeled him accurately IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST INTERRACIAL COUPLE IN A DISNEY MOVIE FEATURING A WHITE WOMAN + MOC. huh, there’s plenty of disney white man + woc couples. wonder why that is??

"but ooorreeeee!! i can’t face my blatant acceptance of racism, cultural appropriation of indigenous cultures doesn’t mean jack to me… what was wrong with the STORY? it had so much heart, it was a perfect movie!!!…"


  • Anna is the most boring character i’ve EVER seen disney pull out of their ass. she’s basically an even more dense and bland version of Rapunzel, not just in looks! but in naive, “omg so awk” personality, and even more useless to boot. (at least Rapunzel had some character development and mad hair lassoing skills.)
  • Kristoff is a total shitwad meathead, whose charming introduction was getting into Anna’s personal space and intimidating her out of his way. wow, such a stud. blossoming romance there. total feminist movie when the hero/love interest belittles the heroine/main character every chance he gets.
  • Hans was a terrible villain. the whole “keep him the nicest guy ever so people flip out when he’s a total asshole” thing is soooo lazy and honestly doesn’t even make sense. the first scene we see him in, Anna runs off and he gets dropped into the water- he surfaces, all alone, and instead of being pissed off or at least annoyed that he got soaked (pretty standard reaction for anybody) he smiles dreamily like its nbd, like he’s just the sweetest thing that ever lived. at nobody. no one around to impress. that scene should have just been cut, tbh, because it’s too unrealistic and contrived to have moments like that and then whip around and say “ah-ha!! he’s been planning it all along!” 
  • Anna and Hans was actually PROBABLY one of the most believable disney romances i’ve ever seen. they connected, they hit it off, the sense of humor was there and the chemistry was just right. infatuation set in. this is super, super clumsy writing because ohhh my god, this whole movie becomes a broken record of “ur so DUMB, anna!! you only knew him for a night!!” but in the end Mr. Right is evil, everybody and their mother knew Anna’s true feelings before she did, and SHE STILL ENDED UP WITH SOMEONE SHE’D ONLY KNOWN FOR A COUPLE DAYS. the entire movie was a shame-fest for being crazy for a dude she just met, and then it ended with her hooking up with ANOTHER dude she’d only just met!!
  • this movie was really, really sexist. i don’t know why everyone’s calling it so feminist or saying it’s a movie about sisters, because the sisterly stuff probably only took up 15% of the movie, and i can’t even think of anything feminist about it.
  • sexism exhibit A) Kristoff berates her and judges her, as a stranger, multiple times (so many times i wanted to barf) for wanting to marry someone she’d just met. is marrying someone you’ve just met a good idea? no, of course not. who’s business is that, though? a planned love interest, i guess. it sent this message over and over that men are the rational ones, and any man who would agree to a marriage like that is up to something (bc men aren’t that irrational of course)
  • sexism exhibit B) Anna couldn’t do shit on her own, and it was played for laughs. silly Anna. you think you’re so capable but ha ha ha you’re not. you need a man to save you, or shit, just a snowman will do.
  • sexism exhibit C) remember the “girls have to be pretty” comment? because of that, nONE of the female characters showed any believable range of emotions, they were always graceful and pretty and cute. pretty shallow whitewashed eyecandy.
  • as far as “sisterly” stuff, it was absolutely the only good part of the movie, but calling it “good” is quite a stretch. enjoyable, maybe. worth watching? ehhh. when Anna’s trapped by Hans and he divulges his villainous plan to kill her sister, what does she do when a snowman somehow accidentally picks the right lock on the right door and stumbles upon her weak little body? she starts thinkin’ bout BOYZ. not her sister who’s about to die. naaah, ~~*~*~*~love!~*~*~~*~~
  • enter a love life lecture from a fucking snowman who’s only been alive for barely a day. “true luv is like, hmmm, like when kristoff brought you here to hans and left forever, omg, kristoff is so great. thats tru luv, anna. i know you had a whole song and dance number DRILLING IT INTO YOUR BRAIN that you should marry and adore this dorky meathead, but i thought i should remind you. kristoff. omg there he is!! somehow he knew to come back!!”
  • ANNA’S FEELINGS DON’T EVEN MATTER. like, i don’t even know who Anna is after she jumps around her castle, bored out of her mind, and then stumbles out into the narrative. there’s no focus on Anna as a person, only her love life and trying to get Elsa to come home and knock off that wintery wiz biz. but her feelings? her thoughts, the way things have changed her? is she even lonely without her sister? is there anything more to her than being easy to laugh at and banter? did anyone even think about that, or was this just some kind of “meh, this first draft is good enough” movie?
  • Elsa, to a lesser extent but not enough to matter, is in the same boat. where did her powers come from? how did she get chased out of her home, her kingdom, her castle, by her people, away from her SISTER and whats left of her broken family… end up at a mountain in like 20 mins (can she fly?? Anna ran out in her ball gown and it took her forever to even get close to the mountains on horseback) and then go “fuck it! hahahaha!” and build a castle in glee. where did that come from? she didn’t get any time to reflect, on screen, what just happened, and overcome it. it was literally just “aahhh! fuck fuck fuck damn it oh no” to “lmao im so fucking hot i love me” ??????
  • the whole ending with the “omg do i kiss this boy who everyone TELLS me is my tru luv or do i save my sis?? omg im dying!! which one!!” was sooooooooooooooo weak. like, that could have been so much better. and it doesn’t even really matter it all ended on a “sisters4lyf” note because it was all so contrived and jerked into place to get there, it didn’t feel natural and just came outta nowhere. why was it even a QUESTION to kiss kristoff?? if this was such a sisterly movie, shouldn’t Anna have CARED more about her sister? ran off to save her as soon as olaf opened that door? ran over to save her when she saw Hans ready to chop her in two?? that’s the problem- this whole story was so poorly written without any heart or soul or thought to the characters, it doesn’t even resonate or make sense. the characters are flat, boring, and mostly pretty. there was such an emphasis on style and beauty and rendering that they completely overlooked the actual substance to any animated film- the story. the way it unfolds, the way the characters change. it was all forced together so brutally it was just a complete, awkward mess. the villain was forced, the love was forced, the change was forced, and even the narrative itself was force feeding the audience and telling, not showing, them what to think. that’s lazy. thats piss poor writing. even the songs were pretty weak.

and that’s all i have to say about it.

if you liked it- whatever. if there are things in the movie you liked well enough to find it tolerable- whatever. but don’t lie to yourself and say this is some fantastic game changing movie, “disney’s best” since whenever, because all you’re doing is letting disney set it’s own standard based on brand and not product, and that’s a shame. if you expect more, you’ll get more. if you don’t expect anything and you’re ready to gobble up any movie they shit out, soon enough their laziness will get to a point where you’re not even enjoying it anymore, and you’re disappointed. 

but crappy writing and characterization aside- THIS MOVIE WAS RACIST. deal with it. it was racist as fuck and that’s actually the most important thing to realize here. expect more from the story, sure, but DEMAND disney to stop appropriating cultures with their own sloppy takes on them. finally come to terms with the fact disney is racist, and stop coddling and sucking up to a fucking industry giant (that doesnt need any of that, seriously, they’re worth billions of fucking dollars and can fund anything they want) and start giving a shit about how DAMAGING disney can be. kid’s movies? yeah, where do you think all these problems start? don’t you think a corporation whose demographic is young children should, uh, TRY a little harder to not spread racism and sexism? so many of you think that movies directed toward children should be taken less seriously and be held to a lower standard, but i think that’s fucking horrible and disgusting. if anything, disney (and any studio that produces content for young people) should be NITPICKED TO THE BONES. criticized for every frame, every word, every message it sends. kids absorb this shit. little girls need to see body diversity. poc NEED to see themselves represented.

kids notice this shit and disney is held in such a high regard, they trust it without question. why the fuck wouldn’t we tear it apart, inch for inch? why wouldn’t we expect excellence, if we’re going to hold disney above all the rest?

(my theory is emotional manipulation, using your childhood memories and fondness for animated films to manipulate a market- generations of people fond of disney, they pass it down to their children and siblings, this sort of brand loyalty that makes people FUCKING INCREDIBLY prone to accepting anything disney makes. this is why Frozen infuriates me, and it’s a goddamn shame everyone takes this kind of junk without question. c’mon. disney is a business, not some wise old geezer telling you bedtime stories. they keep their princesses pretty and white to sell you merch you’ll buy. they toss in a few poc films, skew the facts beyond recognition to uphold whiteness, so you think they’re inclusive and poc can’t complain. give me a fucking break.) 

BY THE WAY FOR THOSE INTERESTED: this is an interesting article about women in Sami/Saami Society, indigenous feminism during assimilation and how it’s changed since the 70’s.


shiiiiit i hadn’t realized it was THAT racist. damn.


I am REALLY not seeing this movie in theaters now.

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at the end of the day, even if Frozen’s animation was perfect in every way, it still wouldn’t have been a good movie. a book isn’t only as good as it’s word usage, an action film isn’t only as good as it’s CGI, and an animated film isn’t as good as it’s animation. these are all storytelling media. having pretty, intricate, impressively styled frosting on a cake that tastes like shit… doesn’t make the cake any better. 

like, i get it- stuff looks cool. maybe that’s enough for you, but it’s not enough for me. if there’s no substance to it, it just falls flat, no matter how pretty it tries to be. i think having heart and soul in the story just makes the aesthetics even more beautiful, amplifies it. without that, it’s just surface value and kinda shallow.

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how long must we wait for a lesbian disney princess

or what about a prince who throughout the entire movie you think he’s going to be the love interest but in the end it turns out he’s gay

or how about a lesbian princess

Everytime someone asks for lesbian representation someone will try to turn it to something else, a gay guy or a girl with no love interests etc. Every fucking time. As soon as you say “lesbian” someone is already gearing up to derail the conversation and change the focus to something else. Why is this considered so much to ask, why every other person has something else to propose as an alternative?  

As for the people who say how about both a gay prince and a lesbian princess at the same time and other people think they’re together but they’re not and we find that at the end. How about no?

How about not making a story about a lesbian princess revolve around whether a guy wants her or not and whether others think they should be together? How about not revealing the lesbian princess’s sexuality at the end as a surprise? How about making the story about the lesbian character and what she wants and what she’s after and maybe the love interest she’s trying to win over and not take attention from her to give it to a male character and his perspective. Male characters have a bad habit of taking over female characters’ story arcs. It’s like writers can’t help themselves. How about a storyline for a lesbian character that doesn’t involve romantically a male character at all, not even as a beard or to show that she’s really a lesbian? Can’t we really imagine a story for a lesbian character that doesn’t include a guy in a protagonistic role challenging or reinforcing her sexuality and taking over her screen time? Does a lesbian character need a male character to prove her sexuality by not being attracted to him? How about a lesbian princess saying she looks for the girl of her dreams and we just believe her and the story is about her and her adventures?

How about a lesbian princess?

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The thing about the Disney Renaissance in the 90s wasn’t just that they were churning out lots of good movies that were popular and well recieved. What made it really important was that they were trying new things. They were taking risks and breaking away from the stuff they had done in the past. They did a mythical Chinese war hero and Greek mythology and turned a damn Victor Hugo novel into a musical children’s movie. They did Hamlet with lions! Yeah, there was still some of the same old all-white Western European fairy tales, but they were starting to really break away from that in a significant way for the first time. And it wasn’t perfect (hey there, Pocahontas,) but it was a good direction they were moving in.

And that’s why I’ve been largely very unimpressed with Disney’s latest work and all this talk about a new
Disney Renaissance. Because I don’t see them taking risks and trying to do something new. Tangled was…cute? But it wasn’t anything really new. Haven’t seen Frozen, but as far as I can see, same old stuff. Little tweaks, sure, but nothing really new. I don’t want to see the same kind of stuff that’s already been done a thousand times. I don’t want a company with money and power that can afford to take artistic risks always playing it safe by doing the same thing that makes them money over and over again. Until then, I’m just unimpressed.

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