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Me and Julie are in a thing! It’s gunna be really awesome so you should check it out!

I forgot to reblog this! Lookit this thing me and Michelle are in! Heckyeah!

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patience isn’t his virtue. 

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If you can’t read, just right click + open in new tab to see it larger!

I finished this weeks ago for a comics anthology some cool people at my school put together.  Chris Kindred asked me to contribute something because he is super nice.

I definitely learned a lot from this project!  

YESYESYEYESYEYYEYEYSSYESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! (I’ve been looking forward to this comic for a long time now~) It looks great!

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it always disappointed me that Monster Girls are an anime porn thing rather than something used to explore the way society and the media dehumanises women, but oh well

shout out to all my fellow monsters

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Finally, I can present you my little comic ‘Hearts for Sale’. These are the first 10 pages.
I’m very nervous about this since it’s my first self-published book. I hope you like the story. Following pages are coming soon!

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it’s been a rough few years.

oh dang

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Sailor Moon comic redraw exercise! A bit late for Valentine’s Day, but I was busy putting together that little 48-page freebie collection of my comics over the past year.

I hadn’t quite gotten a chance to upload a clean version until now.

So happy belated Valentine’s Day with a comic redraw featuring Sailor Venus.

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This is a 14 page story I’ve been working on for the past couple months (which is why there’s been a slow down in updates). I hope you like it, I worked pretty hard on it!


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This will not apply to all art professionals (and certainly should not be taken as good advice by some) but it won’t hurt them either. All this message has to do is help decrease the number of “I’ll pay you in publicity” offers from people who are trying to sell ice to [Inuit], so to speak. Maybe it might even result in a few more artists getting paid for their work?

"You don’t pay IN publicity, you pay FOR publicity."


Reblogging this for all my fellow freelancers!
(Unfortunately, we are unable to feed our cats in publicity.)

One of the most worthy uploads on this site.

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This is really cute and I’m glad someone translated it, but here’s a link to the original source~

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it’s still February so it’s not too late to post this!

here is a short comic about the troubles of being a werewolf on Valentine’s Day


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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

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Guest comic #4 by J. Pawlik is up at Monsterkind!
More works by J. include Dead City and Skargarden, so go check ‘em out!
Friday is the last day of guest comics, and then we return to normal updates every Tuesday and Friday. Hope you guys are excited!

I did a thing! Go check it out!


Guest comic #4 by J. Pawlik is up at Monsterkind!

More works by J. include Dead City and Skargarden, so go check ‘em out!

Friday is the last day of guest comics, and then we return to normal updates every Tuesday and Friday. Hope you guys are excited!

I did a thing! Go check it out!

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Oh, I know I have it better than a lot of would-be comics buyers, and that’s what worries me. I’ve had it with the self-appointed gatekeepers in comics. 

I hate going into the gaming stores alone. Ugh.

I will continously write this reply until I feel it sticks. Do you want to know why many male nerds are so defensive and harsh about this?

Okey, I can with confidence tell you that the majority of us started this out as a form of escapism. I mean, look at all the tumblr posts about “I love fiction, it’s my way to handle reality” etc etc. It was the same for us. suddenly.. about, idk, 4-5 years ago, feminists started to tell us that we are in the wrong for BUYING things. Instead of going to the writers, we’re the bad guys. Comics I grew up with are being torn to pieces by people who don’t read them anyway. They’re causalized because instead of catering to us, they’re catering to people who don’t really care. I know that the majority of you will go “oh, grow up!”, but you know what? Fuck you, comics were one of the things I had growing up, I emotionally connected to the Hulk, it made me feel that maybe it wasn’t so bad to be a freak.

secondly, I don’t know why women expect to get help with everything and just give up when they don’t get help. When I started out, do you really think anyone would even care about a fat, acne-cursed kid? I did ask, once, they just looked at me and told me to just read the damn comics. So I did. I got into the middle of a story, If I liked it, I tried to hunt down the first one, or the one after. Rinse and repeat. not hard. But now! NOW! You have google, I’m not even kidding, it will take you 30 secs to find ALL information you want. I don’t know why everyone think that being a nerd is “share and share alike!”, it’s socially outcast people who have been wrecked emotionally and socially by other people. You really think that they’re gonna help you without a reason?

I know, it’s really “in” to be a nerd these days, but you’re not a nerd until you know your shit. Don’t believe me?


Being a nerd isn’t something that you flaunt, you’re not gonna get help getting into it, you’re not gonna get praise for trying to. read, then read some more, then read even more. Then doublecheck that info. Not because you’re gonna be “safe” when trying to have people acknowledge your “nerd-cred”, but because you LOVE IT! It’s not a social thing, it has never been. It’s not about sitting around a table and going “OMG! I’m such a nerd! I read a couple of books!”.

Sounds harsh? yeah, it is. But, if you love it, it won’t matter. Cuz you will still have the time of your life. And really.. no one promised to help you. want help? help yourself.

*preparing to get unfollowed by everyone*

btw, I’m not saying that no one can like the same things as me/nerds/others. I’m saying “you’re not special for doing that” and “LOVE IT MORE! If you can’t find basic facts without being spoonfed, do you really LOVE it?”

Okay, you pedantic asshole, listen here.

You read a comic by a woman who reads, cares about, and EARNS A PAYCHECK from comics, that has been reblogged LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF TIMES by other women/minorities who read, care about, and earn paychecks from comics, and you have to gall to say that comics are “catering to people who don’t really care”?

Because you were picked last at kickball and now YOU want to be the bully. Because someone told you you weren’t worthy of something, now you want to be the one to tell other people that they’re not worthy of something. 

First you say “this is escapism for us men” and then you say “no one HELPED me get into it” as if having a medium LITERALLY CONSTRUCTED AROUND PEOPLE WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE YOU isn’t the biggest spoonfeeding you could possibly get. 

And now there’s a whole lot of people who don’t fit YOUR very narrow definition of what a “true nerd” can be who are FIGHTING UPHILL to be a part of this thing they love that doesn’t love them back and you have the nerve to say they don’t CARE about it enough and they’re expecting special treatment. As if it’s special treatment to BE SAFE FROM HARASSMENT, SEXUALIZATION, AND CONDESCENSION IN A PUBLIC SPACE.

No one’s taking comics away from straight white men. But I certainly wouldn’t mind taking it out of the hands of men like you, that’s for sure. You’re dinosaurs. And you’re not a REAL nerd.

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Here is “Knot”, a short comic I drew to sell at Mocca and TCAF this year. The printed version is going to be SO PRETTY. I’m in love with the cover (which I will post later).

I just wanted to do something fairy-tale-like that talked about doubts and frustrations and how to deal with them. I’m really happy with how colorful and adorable the story turned out to be. 

If you enjoyed “Knot”, please consider reblogging it and/or checking out my ongoing webcomic Namesake! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

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